Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mulai Paal

Mulai பால் 
what is mulai first of all?
Mulai = Boobs
Paal = Milk
so it is nothing but breast milk

MGR is always fond of breast milk as you will realize while watching his films, particularly his later films as he became old. He highlights his fondness for boobs in most of his 1970s films.

The one film that immediately comes to my mind is Idhayak-Kani
where he acted with a Punjabi Beauty (her debut Tamil film). As the name itself suggests it is exact meaning is heart fruit if you translate literally.

nenu cheekutha Radha Saluja sallu pedalu pooku

All the songs in this film became an instant hit, and not to speak of the romantic songs involving this pair MGR and Radha Saluja.

This film features some of the most vulgar dialogues and scenes as in the case of a Rape scene where he will tell this Punjabi girl "Naan unnai suda varalai suvaikka vandhurikkaen" meaning not to shoot you but to taste you. After that he will rip open the saree away and rip apart the blouse that too with his mouth ... to suck her MILK out of her Milky RED Punjabi bOObs.

Mulai Paal